Down The Rabbit Hole

Sometimes when I dream, there not always bad. When I fall asleep, my eyes reopen inside my own world in a sense.
I’m standing on a very worn out and broken path, the fountain behind me is decayed and looking as if it’s starting to fall apart. The trees around me are petrified dead trees, and the sky is lit red with a large full moon tainted red in color, with a black strip down the middle. I walk along this path, the animals and birds within this forest still communicate and sing. I walk up a hill to an extremely broken down home, it looks like one of those old style 19th century kind of homes, with the wooden stairs and the wrap around pouch kind of thing. It’s decaying and creaks as I push open the rather large door. When I open it, it closes after I enter into a rather long hallway. The picture frames on the wall are all broken, the pictures ripped and scattered among the glass fragments. There’s dry blood and drawings in blood, chalk, crayons, and even pencil all over the walls, with words that I can’t seem to make out as I walk. I reach two iron gate style double doors and push them open. The room I enter is white, there is a table in the center (depending on the dream the table changes shape from rectangular to circular), with what looks to be a more comfortable sitting area off to the left with a fireplace, then stairs leading up to the right.

This is our meeting place, it’s where we all come and talk about rules, protocols, and things that need to be fixed or checked. This is basically when we meet to discuss our system and how to improve it. Sometimes it’s only there I speak to them, other times they each will invite me to there own rooms… kind of like a living space for them. I’m not entirely sure why they have them, but I think if they are like my siblings, then they need there own rooms.
Una’s room is like a giant indoor garden, waterfalls and koi fish galore. She has a sitting area in the center where all the water meets to form a circle. the pathway around her room is made of granite and different kinds of gemstones seem to be embedded into it. Una and I have spoken here a lot, and she has also brought the others in too during times of great stress or upheaval. Like right now, that’s where we all meet is inside her room.
Xero’s is extremely dark, and dimly lit with candles. There are hundreds of newspaper clippings and drawings and even movie posters of things like murder, death, gore, suicides, etc. He has a sitting area with a fireplace, and multiple sharp objects by this fireplace, and he has a journal with ink and a quill. He rarely leaves his room if he can avoid it, only for meetings does he leave. I have been in there only a few times.
Alice’s is much like a little kids room, blocks, stuffed animals, a small table and chairs with coloring books and blank drawing pads with a butt load of crayons. She really REALLY loves her crayons. She has a very large bed in the center, it has things on it that, surprisingly I own in real life, much like my blanket my grandmother made me and the stuffed dragon plushy my husband bought for her once. I go in there quite a bit to color and draw with her, we lay on the bed even and fall asleep sometimes…
Emily basically lives in a volcanic room, lava, small steam vents, even hot springs and obsidian. It reminds me of the Volcanic island of Hawaii really. One side is all pretty with hot springs and vegetation and the other is molten lava and steam. I’ve been in there a few times, Emily likes to soak with me in the hot springs, and sometimes she even lets the others come along, it just depends on how she feels.
Khala’s room looks much like a queen teen would have… walk-in closet with billions of clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry. The area across is like a giant beauty parlor, she has everything you’d need to style and cut hair, and every thing you’d ever need to make hundreds of color combinations on make up. Then we have her throne…. its entirely made of plush toys and cute things…. I’m not entirely sure why it’s stuffed animals and cuteisy little nick nacks… but it is. She normally brings me in there to teach me about hair or make up things when I want to dress up and go out with my husband. Even if she is a teenager, she really does like helping me when I ask for it.

I call it my wonderland, it’s the only place I honestly feel safe in at times… and frankly enjoy being in. Its rare for me to go there during the day, but since I’ve become more aware of my switching, I notice I go there when I switch out with someone, and depending on who it is, I either have tea with Una and chat or get to chat and spend time with some of the others… it’s helped our bound, and my psychologist thinks it will help us co-exist better if we all share our worlds and our dislikes/likes with each other.

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