Silver Lining (Vacation Cont.)

After switching a few times within a few hours, my husband and I spoke about what happened. I showed him what I wrote, Una said it would be good for him to see what we see and hear. I think it helped a little.
He told me he didn’t mean his words the way I thought he meant them, and explained a bit more in detail for me. It really really helped me. He apologized for his tone of voice, and he stated he was offering so he and I can just spend time together without the dog, Merlin is still learning a few PSD things, and I will admit he tends to forget he’s working sometimes.
He will be going to the Pets Hotel tomorrow morning, and I think it will be good for just us and my husband to go out and do things. I’m happy I listened to Una.

I also asked him to read my book. He explained after he thought about how he answered, and how it sounded was a bad way to address it, and he quickly said he would be more than happy to read it. I’m extremely happy, so are the rest. My psychologist really likes it, and wants to use the lessons within the book to help me in my coexistence journey. He hasn’t started reading it yet, but he assures me when we get home, he will make the time to read it.
He also apologized for what he said about Emily, and said he realized it was a dick thing to say. Emily felt a bit better, but she’s still pissed at him for even making the comment. I don’t blame her, but like I said to mu husband it will take time for things to go back to normal.

My husband helped me file a police report, and I called who I needed (DMV is closed till Tuesday so… yay…), he’s been cuddling up with me since then. Reassuring me that I’m not stupid for having this happen, and if anything it is a learning experience. He knows it takes time for my self shaming and negativity to pass, so he tends to hover for a bit, which in all honesty we all love, even Emily, though she’d never admit to it. Alice cuddled a bit with him today, she was glad to feel safe. After the bad time with the memories, she has felt pretty crappy. I’m glad she feels so much better, she’s back to her smiling self now. Una feels much much better now that I have addressed the issues needed addressing with my husband. Though she can be a little blunt, she’s still the closest thing I have had to a mom… so I can’t fault her.
I have found Xero is afraid of animals, I’m not entirely sure why, he doesn’t like to speak about it. So I’m hoping I can help break that fear. I know he feels okay with Merlin, so I guess that’s a start.
Khala is still sulking in her corner after Mondays tantrum. I don’t think she’ll be receptive to anything until next week.
Emily is much calmer now that the issues have been addressed as well, and hopes my husband will learn for the sake of all our happiness and treatment.

Despite having a horrible day, I am starting to feel a little better. I hope this trip can restore some of our tranquility still…

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