Vacation PT II

Well, things didn’t turn out so bad. my husband took my dog to Doggie Day Camp, and we went and spent alone time for the last few days. We went to the Safari Park and the Zoo, the beach, etc.
He was doing everything he could to make up for how he made me feel, it truely made me feel safe. He even bought Khala a stuffed animal that, honestly, even Alice and I love. He did everything he could to let all of us enjoy and relax, not just me.

I’m so thankful for him… even if he drives us crazy as hell sometimes, my psychologist says it will be a very long road of learning together. But I am extremely fortunate to have someone who has, and is still standing by my side… I couldn’t honestly agree more.

Here is the stuffy, it’s an Okapi ^_^

Okapi Plushie

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