Update Stuff…ish…

I have been so busy it’s starting to make my brain implode. The heat mixed with my sinus fits are not helping us either… but anywho.
I went and got my ultrasound done, I have a multi nodular fibroid in my right breast, along with 2 more, and 2 very small ones in my left. The doctor told me because it’s multi nodular, it has to be biopsied to know for sure if it’s non-cancerous. However the catch is, my Doctor has to call me with the results. So I called on Friday, they told me she would call on Monday…
The call never came, causing Xero to enter full panic mode. Getting up and researching everything he can about breast cancer and fibroid stuff to the point he was waking all of us up in the middle of the night to share it… needless to say my sleep patterns are fucked up at the moment.
My mother and I had a very interesting heart to heart, she admitted to me she doesn’t believe its real, but she told me because I feel its real, then it must be despite her own opinions. She still wont go see my psychologist to get general knowledge, but she is willing to read my book.
I am still waiting for my husband to read my book, I have bugged him about it, but he seems to be dodging it, but I could be over reading into that. Una is extremely angry with him, she doesn’t understand why he just doesn’t pick up the book and read it. Emily is still mad at him for his comment about his anger (Red) killing her. She will not be able to forgive him for a while, and frankly I don’t blame her. You don’t just go off and threaten an alter designed to protect the system with any means needed… you just… no…
Xero is having a conniption about the Doctor not calling, still, today. He can’t accept it, and wants to go down to the office and demand answers. I’m hoping he doesn’t really… last thing I need is him making a scene.
Khala is angry because she hasn’t been allowed to go out and get her nails done, hair cut, etc…
My psychologist recommended I buy nail polish for her so she can do them herself, she of course, jumped all over that sadly. She racked up almost 150 dollars in beauty supplies… I want to shoot myself in the foot now.
The heat and sinus issues are not really great for us… they all complain, my headaches get worse, and no medicine seems to help it. I’m still waiting for the Neurologist recommendation to go through, he has helped other DID patients before, so it’s my hope he can help me with these horrible migraines. They don’t want to hurt me, it’s just a sad side effect from the switching…
I have my first Service Dog class with Merlin on the end of the month, and I’m excited. It will be nice to get him officially recognized and be done with this ‘in training’ crap. He just needs to pass his good dog citizen test… then we’re home free.

This week thus far is stressful, aggravating, hard, and frankly tiring…. but I know we’ll get through it… we always do…

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