Medical Update Stuff + Other Stuff

Today I have to go in and get a biopsy of my breast done. Xero has been ‘worse case scenario’ prepping since last week…. finding everything he can on biopsies gone wrong, infections from biopsies, etc.
It’s been hard since he’s been getting up in the middle of the night to do this, so my sleep patterns are a bit messed up. I saw my psychologist yesterday and told her what the psychiatrist said, we all felt better.
She is going to double check a few things, then she is going to call and talk to her. What she said is not okay, and that form now on I need to just keep it strictly about medications. We love Gail… she’s so amazing to us.
Una even decided to speak with her for the first time, I didn’t realize they spoke for almost an hour. But Una seems to like her, and has set the bar in a sense. So hopefully with time the others will come around to talking to her.

We talked about the rules and protocols our system has in place, plus what each alter can do and the emergency override rules. She seemed impressed by it, but as I told her, some of them need to be re-written or just pulled all together, but I guess that’s a process. I asked my husband about the book yesterday, he asked me to give it to him, so we feel so much better that he really wants to read it.
He’s coming with me as well for the biopsy, which is probably good. If the pain becomes to much for me or Alice, Emily might hit the doctor, and I really would like to avoid another issue like that if I can.

Well… off I go.

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