Honest Liars

We went through the biopsy on Wednesday without incident, I was glad honestly. Bruising is stupidly big because I bruise to easily, and the soreness is just… icky. However on Friday when they called me about the results, its where this madness started.
They told me its non cancerous for now, but they don’t know what it is. I guess it doesn’t have some kind of markers to indicate its a fibroid or something…. Xero lost it. He went on and on about how we should of listened to him, and we can’t trust anyone, etc…
He locked himself inside of his ‘room’, and hasn’t really come out since. Its been extremely hard on the system, Emily and Una are both picking up extra, so is Alice and Khala…. We had to call my brother to come over and sit with us because Xero was so unstable, he wanted to hurt himself, which translates into hurting the body. My brother, thankfully knows about that, and every time I’d disappear, he came to find me, took whatever Xero had, and led me back into the living room where we sat and watched movies. He stayed until my husband got home, explained to Tom what was going on, then left.
He’s so good to me… I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for my brother.

My husband just waited until Xero was well aware he wouldn’t get his way, and gave me back control. My husband and I talked about it, and the options they gave me; re-biopsy it again or just remove it. My husband and I both think it’s stupid to re-biopsy it when they already did. So my mother is looking into costs for me…
Then on Saturday, at my job I was helping assist a patient to stand and pivot, but when she told me she could, she didn’t mention she was a complete quadriplegic and a dead lift. So the moment we stood, I had one of 2 choices, hurt my back or collapse under my legs and let her fall onto me to keep her safe. I chose option 2.
She was not harmed, I was not harmed, my tech and transporter helped me dead lift her to the MRI table and we did the incident report and such…. Patient tells her nurse she said no when I asked if she could stand and pivot, even though I had 2 other witnesses that heard her say yes. So I have to go in tomorrow, and do what they call ‘disciplinary hearing’. My Tech will be there and has told me multiple times he has my back… but it doesn’t help.Then on Sunday morning my father texts me to tell me my mortgage payment bounced, and that I need to fix it so they don’t call him…. I have 5 different times, including 3 other times to make them send the mail to my address, but it never changes. Then my electric bill came in too 476 dollars.

Everything is crashing down, and Xero knows it. We are trying really hard to hold it together… but its not working….

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