Stained Glass

It’s been some time… but I guess I’m sort of here. After dealing with Xero’s episode, apparently Khala decided to have her own.
I went to pay my bills, as I stated last time, and the pieces where… odd. After doing some digging, I have found Khala has been shopping, an extreme amount. She was buying things from other countries, so that returning them wouldn’t be an option. I still am looking for everything, I think I have only found half of it.
Una and the others helped me lock her in her room, keep her away while I spoke with my psychologist and my husband. I scrubbed everything that had my credit card saved, and killed my paypal. My husband made a new one, and a password I don’t know, so when I’m me and need something, he can help me get it….

Khala was not happy about this, she threw a fit, and tore up the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. My husband just stood there and watched as she finally wore herself out, then Xero took over, his OCD couldn’t take it sadly, so he cleaned everything. My husband took time off work because of what happened, for 4 days I couldn’t tell you how often I was me or not… it’s been hard.
Khala did self harm, but Alice managed to pull her quickly before she did any real damage. My husband took me to an emergancy clinic, luckly I didn’t need stitches. He stayed with me until I have some sense of self again… Khala was so furious with everything she just lost it…
I saw my psychologist every day last week, and my husband was in each session. She told me on friday she was glad to see we all found some balance again, because Una and Xero both were extremely frustrated… who could blame them?

Khala worked on some of her abstract drawings though, its slowly becoming clues as to why she was even created, and why I needed her. It’s nice to know, to be completely honest I never really understood why she needed to exist, I couldn’t remember why really. But I know if she wasn’t needed, she wouldn’t of come… so I’m not sure, I think slowly, we’ll figure everything out… right now I just need to get my skull to stop throbbing….

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