When It Rains, It Pours

I love when it rains; the wind, thunder, lightning, even the rain itself is extremely soothing to us. Meeting with our psychologist today was interesting, she thinks Khala is the part of me that wishes to be heard, and represents the part of me that never was. I think it’s an interesting idea, but I honestly don’t know for sure…
Una says not all of them knew there functions right away, even she didn’t, but she said they came because I needed them, and that’s all that should matter

Tomorrow is week two for my service dog training courses, Merlin seems to be doing well, upside is I have shaved off a year on my training since he already knows and does the jobs I need him to do. It’s still unsettling having to go were other people look and you and think ‘your not disabled… why are you here?’
Well, that’s what Xero thinks anyways…. its hard to really blame him.

My migraine is worse… I’ve had it since Sunday. Finding a neurologist who will honestly treat me, is hard. Most refuse because they think I’m ‘to dangerous’ to treat because of the unpredictability…. Una and I are thinking the migraines are tied to the forceful switching some of them do, so we are working on a way to make it less painful for me.
Sorry this is so short… it’s just… not a good day.

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