Paper Boats

Since last week, my biopsy area has been irritated and frankly it hurts to wear a bra. So I decided over the weekend I’d call my doctor on Monday. Sunday night I began having an upper respiratory issue, which has made all of us pretty disabled. We have a hard time doing sick, we feel helpless, and whenever someone tries to help, it affects them intensely.
Work was hard, but we would rather be miserable and being productive, than being miserable at home, bored out of our skull. Xero is having the most issues as of right now, he and Emily both are unable to really do much when we’re all sick…

When I went to see my primary care doctor, she took one look at my breast and gasped. She has her RN draw my blood and then sat down with me and said I could have one of two things at this moment; Cellulitis or Mrsa. That’s right, freaking Mrsa. She said until I get my blood cultures back, I am to remain on house lockdown to lower the risk of spreading. Xero just about threw a fit, claiming he was right all along and that something bad happened because of the biopsy… the thing is I could of received the infection from anything, not just the procedure. Though it’s a higher possibility, the fact still remains it might not of… plus I might now even have it.
Xero has been having trouble since we’re sick anyways, which is causing strain on us all. Khala tried to come out, but the sinus pain was way too much for her, so she couldn’t even finish getting dressed.
Even Alice is having a tough time. Luckily my psychologist still saw us today, she helped talk Xero down, and we began to speak more about the alters again.

Turns out Khala is right handed, when I am primarily left-handed, Alice and Una are also left handed. Emily and Xero I believe are too… or Xero is also right handed, but his handwriting is so wild it looks like scribbles. They all did handwriting samples for her, and apparently, I have another alter hiding somewhere, because instead of five, I have six samples of handwriting, and the sixth only says Hello. So We’re trying to locate this insider, I don’t want them to be separated from the rest of us if we can help it… we are a family in a sense. Gail thinks it probably wants to join us, but it’s afraid too. She plans on helping us find it.
I guess all I can do is just ride out this infection and sinus infection… the others agree we don’t have much of a choice right now. I’m going to go lay back down now….

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