Khala Post!

Though most don’t share my view, I tend to look at humans as toys. It’s not my fault there easily manipulated and really easy to twist around my fingers, honestly it’s just fun! My siblings seem to not share this view, and I seem to piss her off more then anyone when I ‘misbehave’…

But can you really blame me? They treated her like garbage for YEARS, they still do. I’m just making sure she’s well compensated for her troubles. I got a wonderful gentleman to buy me 3 things of nail polish with just batting my eyes and saying someone stole my wallet…
Then when I show her my gift, she gets mad and just tells me it’s wrong, what’s so wrong with it? I don’t understand this whole ‘right and wrong’ concept… all I know if I get things she wants, and in my honest opinion she deserves… I don’t really care what anyone thinks.

I still love my family, and I have understood recently why I can’t use her money since we need to live as well, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop getting free things… I mean, isn’t that better?

Well, I’m off to paint our nails and do some light internet shopping, chao~


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