Back From A Long Hiatus


I recently have returned from a rather long Hiatus. My last ADA meeting was not that great, they resended my service animal, and claimed they had evidence to prove he was a danger to the work place, then refused to give me this evidence.
I have had an extremely hard time with this, I am treated like the black plague that has descended onto my place of employment, but my husband has been extremely helpful and supportive. He got a recommendation from a coworker, so I am waiting for the lawyer to reach out to me. She apparently is very good, so I hope she can help us. All I really want is my service animal… there’s a reason why he’s a PSA, why I busted my butt to get him trained and certified. The jobs he performs are not just for me, but for my alters as well.

I went and saw my Neurologist, he pulled me off the Topemax (sorry for mispell if it is) due to me going into extremely bad tachycardia. I have now been placed on Depicote, I won’t know if its working for another week and a half. My insurance company is fighting me on my PRN, Replex. They say I can’t have it, so my Neurologist is trying to prove to them I do… I sat on my bathroom floor on Friday night and cried, rocking back and forth for 10 hours. My husband didn’t know what to do for me, and because I was refused my PRN, my migraine was devastating.
My psychologist is on vacation this week, and it’s extremely hard without her. My father was placed in the hospital for internal bleeding, however I received news he is out of surgery and stable, the stress of everything seems to pile up right when you lest need it.
I am behind on all my bill payments… and I might lose my job since they are now trying to fire me somehow. All and all, we are all agitated, Emily had been helping out a bit more lately, so it hasn’t been as bad.
I’m hoping things will even out… due to the stress my sleep patterns are screwed up again as well…

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