The Time Is Neigh

I received the phone call from the Attorney Generals Office, Civil Rights Division. My whole body shook when I spoke to the woman on the phone, she kept telling me it was okay, but the shaking in my voice seemed to indicate otherwise to her.
It was hard to talk to her. Hard to really discuss things that where happening, and still happening to me in my work environment. However, the die is cast now, I can’t take this back… it’s time to stand and watch the giants fall.
My intake meeting is set up for Monday… I’m still just… terrified. My husband says it’s a good thing I’m doing, but the way I feel tells me otherwise. The siblings are agitated, Una snapped at a close friend, Emily was up in the middle of the night, and Alice seems to be numbing me out entirely. Xero was on a horror movie kick, and Rina sat under my husbands desk and cried….

Nothing is working out at this time.

I hope everything evens out, and I gain some sense of balance within my world again, but lawsuits and going after the ‘bad people’ is extremely stressful… regardless of who you are or what your doing it for. On Monday I will be able to give a bit better descriptor, as of right now I just… I need that light at the end of the tunnel, rock-bottom is hard to navigate in the dark…

One thought on “The Time Is Neigh

  1. You have the siblings, animals and tom at home. You have the family members that care to be by your side . You also have me and my army. Let me know when any dates are that you need to be somewhere and tomcan’t go. We will be by your side as long as i dont have court. It isnt easy to stick up for yourself and harder when you go against giants. If i cant give up. you cant :-p. …. now read this … WE GOT THIS!.

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