Fall Apart

Today isn’t a very good day.
I got home from my graveyard shift and didn’t fall asleep until almost 8AM, then thanks to these wonderful nightmare spikes as of late, I was up at 10AM. I haven’t managed to go back to sleep yet…

I am currently sitting here at work deciding whether I need to get a caffeine IV going or not, fighting off my urge to just close my eyes… even the others are tired. We’re to the point of complete and total exhaustion.
Una can’t even try and be nice, Xero is… well silent and that’s not even normal. Alice and Rina keep dozing off. Khala is silent which is a bloody miracle on it’s own… and Emily and I are the only ones trying to stay semi coherent at this point. We’ve done about 50 micro switches already… and I haven’t even been here for 2 hours.
Then, I had someone ask where my PSA Merlin was at, and I just…. I lost it. I started to cry, thankfully my tech said ‘don’t even ask, it’s a long story.’ They left without farther probing, but I stat within the tiny office I am confined too and cried.
He didn’t know how to really approach it, so he shut the door, and let me just get it out. Emily did what she could to comfort me since Alice is out of commission thanks to this wave of complete and utter tiredness. Sadly, she’s still fuming over the incident, and I frankly can’t blame her… I have to admit I am still extremely hurt by this. Tonight I really seriously need him…
But sadly, uneducated people once again think they can stand up on there pistil’s of sand and think there god.
I can’t wait to watch them fall… I can’t wait to watch this whole place fucking burn for what they did to us….

Sorry. This topic is extremely hard on Us. It’s hard on her too. She isn’t in the greatest state of mind. But I will do what is needed. Even if it’s not wanted. My family. Even if they drive me nuts. Is everything to me. Everything to her.
I will do what I must to protect Us.

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