Apologies, it’s been rather crazy as of late. Here in the US, we had our election, and sadly the people voted in a rather stupid human being. One of my close friends called me and helped me cry over the phone, he did as well since he has been placed on the Autism Spectrum, and understands the impact this can cause.
This man, Donald Trump, has nothing but ill will towards the mental health community, and people who are disabled by these mental illnesses. However, after I cried and went through a day of depression with my alters, we pulled it back together.
Just because he’s a bigot, doesn’t mean I need to be one too.

Because I live in a rather large city, since election day I have seen racial and sexist words, hate, and violence break out. I even was almost attacked by someone because I ‘didn’t look disabled’ and I need to be ‘purged to make America great again’. I haven’t told my husband, honestly he doesn’t need to concern himself with it. There was a lady who walked up to me and helped me, she had a hijab on, and we seemed to bond over it.

My alters and I are not ones to take this kind of thing laying down, upside is my therapy must be working because Emily didn’t beat the crap out of this guy who was cornering us. Then Una fed me some decent insults to throw at a man who was verbally abusing an Asian woman who was making sushi at the grocery store.
At least I’m slowly making some progress.

I have yet to receive my Attorney General letter in the mail, it’s beginning to twig Xero out slightly. Gail finally got to meet Emily, and it was nice to finally have someone tell me they understand when I say Emily isn’t a raging hate machine like most think she is. Gail told me she thinks she one of the most complex alters within my system, and says she’s good for all of us.
Rina went through a pretty bad spit this past Monday and Tuesday, however when your so exhausted your alters are even feeling those effects, theirs not a whole lot She could do. We slept for almost 2 days straight after we worked 3 days straight. The moral of this is to not do it anymore… especially covering an area that was absolute hell for us.

Alice has been working on her typing skills so she can communicate with Gail better, and we have hopefully have found a real psychiatrist instead of these Psychiatric Nurse people. I won’t know until I get the phone call back about making a new appointment. Anyways… I think I’m done rambling.

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