Spacial Reasoning (Khala + Tao Post)

Last night we ran into a rather… bad issue. During some marital relations with my husband, Khala had a hard time keeping our primal instincts locked up. Normally Khala is rather good at this, however due to recent events, she seems to be evolving (in a good way mind you), but due to this, she is having a hard time keeping up with her jobs.
This locked part was locked long before I even met my husband, because I would injure myself all the time. I lose myself within the bliss, causing my more… animalistic side to seemingly take over. I’ve scratched myself to the point of blood and liked it like an animal.. I’ve bitten my lips to the point of splitting them.
However when my husband came into existence, and Khala was around, she agreed to take over that piece, and keep it locked up for his and my safety. There have been times it begins to pry open, I’ve make him bruise or bleed; then it takes me a few moments to let Khala lock it back up, however last night was extremely close…

We sliced his back badly, then we broke his skin with our teeth… it was bad enough to where he had to grab our face, and watched us fight with it…. He was so worried it was so painful to look him in the eyes after.
He gave us time to compose ourselves, then we sat down and had a very, very long talk about it. He told us he understood, and he would make sure to be careful in the future. We are happy he isn’t afraid of us, or that scared the crap out of him…
It’s hard, all these pieces of myself that seem to have layers upon layers of locks… I wish I knew where they all were sometimes, because not knowing is stressful, and slightly intimidating.
He was okay with the fact Khala was out for a small amount of time to help push closed the door, because she gave me control right back. However we both had to sit down and talk after… the others were a bit freaked out, but Alice and Rina hugged Alex, comforting her… so it was okay.

We are glad we have our husband… and we are thankful for Merlin…


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