Merry Go Round

The last few days have been hard. My session with Gail on Tuesday was interesting to say the least, apparently I have 4 others I didn’t know about, only one seems to move about freely.
Her name I guess is Vera, she called ‘the doctor’ by everyone. She mostly just stays in the background, but I guess she is the one who makes sure our mental and physical health is within acceptable limits to keep functioning. Gail met her on Tuesday because I refused to wake up…
I am starting to get overwhelmed with everything. Cigna still will not give me my Short Term Disability pay, causing my debit card to be overdrawn, and my mortgage is now so behind I am being threatened with foreclosure. I don’t want to be awake anymore, its like a living nightmare I can’t escape unless I sleep.
Everyone has been worried about me, I guess that’s why Vera got involved. She told Gail that I have 3 alters in lock up. All 3 are to much for me to control, so they are to remain there until I can, or will indefinitely. I knew about the lock up ones, but I didn’t realize Vera was still around.

I have an appointment with a Psychologist next week who specializes with DID, so I am hoping my medications will work out a bit better. Zoloft doesn’t seem to be doing a whole lot…. but I could be wrong.

I’m sorry this is short, I have some personal events going on.

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