Into The Great Unknown

Today is slightly nerve racking. We go and see a psychiatrist who specializes in DID, hopefully she will work out better then our current one… telling us to ‘get over it’ isn’t exactly something a doctor should say.
Over the weekend my depression got a tad better, Saturday night I had a weird fainting episode. Merlin ran and got my husband before laying next to me, licking my face. My husband took my temperature, checked my body for hydration, he even took my heart rate. Everything was normal but heart rate, it was rather high for me (I run extremely low… Emily on the other hand normally runs high) so he knew I didn’t switch.
Though he wanted too, I refused to go to the ER. I drank some more water, and said I should just rest, it was probably just a short circuit within my brain.
Next morning I was a bit weak, but was fine after I woke up. He then tested me for stroke symptoms which made us all giggle. But we understand… it was rather scary.

Our mother person seems to be more understanding and supportive as of late, we believe she has been reading our book. Not having a job, and fighting with Cigna and Banner has been extremely hard on me… especially with no Short Term Disability Pay. She said she will help me pay my bills, and get my aunt who is an accountant to help do my taxes for me.
We have never had her do anything this kind for us before without some sort of passive aggressive response, so we have hope she is changing…

Sorry for the shortness, been having issues writing as of late.

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