I have been feeling great that my alters are finally starting to work with me, however my husband confirmed my worst possible fear.
Khala has played me, she said she wanted to learn to be more responsible, causing me to think that finally she was maturing…. and I wouldn’t have to worry. Since January, she has been feeding off my bank account, then when she couldn’t anymore, she went after my husbands.
He now has disputed over 600 dollars in charges… he is furious, I don’t blame him. I was played like a fiddle, believing she really did want to change…
Guess that’s what I get for believing a sociopath.

My husband won’t look at me, or even come near me… I really can’t fault him. Even through Khala is an alter, she is still me. How can you be affectionate to someone after they idiotically got played…? You just can’t.
I am glad I have Gail tomorrow, that way we can figure out where to go from here. Since I can no longer take her word on anything, Una has put Khala within her room. The others are containing her so she can’t do anymore damage, however Una tells me it’s not my fault, I couldn’t of predicted it… but I can’t help but feel it is. I should of noticed something while it was going on, but I guess I just blindly believed her.

I’m hurt, frustrated, betrayed, angry, and above all…. broken by this… I really thought we were progressing, guess not.

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