One By One

My freeloading roommate is finally gone, so it’s a bit of fresh air now. My husband and I seem to have much more room now that she’s gone as well.
Turns out Cigna won’t do open enrollment until November…. So I’m stuck. It’s been extremely stressful getting my medications and at this time I’m ill with some kind of upper respiratory thing that I, sadly, cannot see a doctor about. So lots of bed rest, and cough drops.

Before my roommate was sent back to her home via plane, she tried to tell her family my DID was just like Split.
Here’s the thing, I get some people like the movie, and I get that others hated it. However for me, Everything about DID in it, is wrong. You don’t  switch so noticeably that people know, if you where harmful to yourself or others, you would be getting help or locked up sadly, not kidnapping people.
Honestly I could go on and on, but the point was Z lost it, he got up into her face, started yelling how she must be an idiot, etc. My husband had to come home and lock him in the bedroom… She kept thinking I needed to apologize, but I honestly didn’t remember…. Z went rogue.
I tried to say I was sorry he acted that way, but she said it didn’t mean anything. ugh, all I can say is I’m just happy she is gone.

A friend of mine said he will be coming over to start helping every week, helping around the house, giving me money to help catch up on bills, get groceries, etc. He feels guilty because he was the reason we let her stay. However honestly like I said to him, none of us knew she was going to use him, and freeload off us. Sadly we can’t predict that kind of thing until it happens. He keeps beating himself up, but we do what we can to make him feel less at fault.
All of us enjoy his friendship, including Emily. It’s funny, but I’m considered the Mom of my small little friend group, my husband the Dad. Una laughs at me about it, says now I get to see what she goes through jokingly.
Despite the annoyance of basic insurence that doesn’t cover my doctors or any of my medications…. and the stress of trying to get Social Security Disability until I can gain the coping skills to function within a normal job instead of breaking down or being triggered by a sound, smell, or even touch of something….
We’re surviving.

We found a LARP community through an old friend that is honestly fun, and we’re all getting into it. Emily wants to do one even, it’s quite amusing. I hope I keep having fun, Vera and I seem to be tag teaming the Sabbat game we joined, so I have high hopes.
Luckly, it’s once a month, and I should be all better when it comes around haha

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