Today was kind of terrible, Vera had to force me out of bed and into the shower. I guess I’m suffering a pretty nasty depression spike. She couldn’t get me up until 3PM, so she’s been pretty miffed at me.
Things are still… volatile, but it’s whatever. Emily just about tore my Husband a new one yesterday, so he’s been staying away until he thinks things calm down. Merlin has been working overtime, and I, like the idiot I am, thought it was a great idea to pull something in my lower back….

I’ve been trying really hard to find a job while my disability is still under determination, but it’s to no avail. They seem to not like the fact I have a service dog, so I’m turned down all the time. They always have there legal excuses… so it’s not like I can really call discrimination… but really? Allergies don’t count you morons!
I’m just getting tired of people who are not educated about service dogs and such… but I guess it’s a factor of life.
I’m still trying not to be upset about my Husband being mad for my alters being out. I’ve discussed it with him hundreds of times that they deserve there time out, they ask to come out, and they are pretty civil with him. So I can’t understand it… Emily just wants to kick his ass, which would amount to nothing. Alice is just trying to help me cope with it.
My psychologist tells me it’s sadly extremely common to have people not understand why they want to be out, and why it’s good I have a system that asks…. it could be one big free for all and I could be someone else every few seconds… but I rather not do that.
Hex has been trying to make me go out and socialize more, which I’m not comfortable with, it took having 2 breakdowns before he finally understood I just… I just really can’t be in giant groups of people.
Z has been hanging out with Xero mostly, they both have been helping me with Alice and Rina lately. Rin has been… annoying, but Una is staying on top of her to make sure she doesn’t try anything again. Lucy is just Lucy… she wanted to sleep all day today, but Vera stepped in pretty fast after that.
We had a rare sighting of Mimi today… she seems to be pretty good at dodging us. She seems more interested in seeing if we’re all okay then anything, but she’s still dangerous. She only surfaced for 10 seconds, but it wasn’t enough time for anyone else to snag her. I guess all she did was dig around in the dirty clothes…. better then her eating out of the trash again….

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