Sacrament of the Wilderness

Last night was the first full night of sleep I’ve had in about a week and a half. Seems just knowing I’ll have insurance soon, and having my mortgage up to day is enough stress off myself that my brain finally chilled out. Everyone was happy, especially Xero, he’s been up with me every night trying to keep me company… poor guy, he was exhausted.
My depression is starting to come out of it’s stupidly long spike, my psychologist keeping contact with me was extremely helpful.
I decided to take a break from social media and just keep this going for a bit. I’m tried of reading about how Trump is this or that or doing whatever…. I’m also just tired of drama. I’m still waiting for my soul sister to tell me she’s okay with speaking to me again. It’s been hard without her.
I messaged her last night, but she hasn’t responded…. the last time I did was back in the second week of September. It’s hard not to just message her 24/7 like I use too. However I respect her wishes for space, I just gotta keep it up.

I ended up pulling something in my lower back, I’m not exactly sure how I did it… but it’s severally limited my ability to bend and turn certain ways. It’s also hard to find a good spot so I can fall asleep at night too, because the side I favor makes it hurt worse. So I’ve been trying to just start on my back, not only is it not painful, but it’s better for my spine. I finally finished all of the disability paperwork, I don’t think I’ve ever filled out so much paperwork in my life… but at least it’s done. My doctors are still filling it out, so hopefully once everything is in, I’ll find out rather quickly.
I’ve been practicing drawing people again, I am seriously out of practice… but it’s something I figure I would try again. I’ve been sewing again too, so I’m happy my hobbies are slowly starting to come back to a new time high. Everything within the last few months have been anything but pleasant, but I’m relieved everything is starting to workout.

Thankfully my psychologist has made special arrangements for me to keep doing my outpatient therapies as well, so it’s been extremely helpful since I haven’t been able to see her. Also Vera doing extensive research into cheaper medications while we had no insurance was a life saver, I honestly don’t know what I would of done without her stupid amount of research into it.
Today is not to bad so far, mostly I’m just trying not to make my back worse, and get over being sick… hurray for being prone to Staph Infections!
Not really… but you all get my point >.>

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