Today we went and saw our mother person, it wasn’t as terrible as we originally thought it would be. She treated us to breakfast, and we got to discuss things.
Apparently after the Attorney General closed my case, a few things happened at Banner Health that made me feel a little bit more like I did do some damage.

The idiot from HR got fired, the same man who kept asking personal information, and claimed I could be a danger to the work environment…. then I guess my mother’s boss got chewed out as well by corporate for trying to get around there choice for me to have my service animal. She lied to me in the phone conversation, she never once went to infection control, so it explains why they couldn’t give me a real reason as to why I couldn’t bring my service animal.
My mother also said there was people from corporate within there department just casually asking questions. She said that a few transporters told them that they see the therapy dogs up in ICU all the time, same with the K9 unit. She also stated that there is a mandatory, yearly training for managers on ADA laws and Service Dog laws now…

Needless to say, I feel I really did do some kind of damage. It makes me feel a little bit more satisfied with the outcome of this whole ordeal. Finical compensation would of been nice, but I got what I primarily wanted… justice. I wanted that HR guy fired, I wish they fired my boss and his boss…. but I guess I’ll settle for the chew out.
It makes me realize corporate wasn’t to blame, which made me feel better as well. It was the actions of 3 corrupted people, not the people who my mother spoke so highly of. I don’t really need to tell you how happy Una was, Emily said it was about time hah.

I’m now waiting for the insurance company to send me my cards, then I can finally go back to my doctors. I’m close to just calling and getting the info they need, I haven’t seen my Neurologist in 3 months, or my Psychologist…. it’s sadly starting to take it’s toll on me. Also would be nice to have all that information for when I see my Psychiatrist the second week of November…
I also need to go speak with my PCP, though she said I should no longer be having a menstrual cycle, I still spot. She first thought it was me missing the medications, but now she’s concerned I just have an extremely thick uteran wall, which can be a good or bad thing depending on what she can find… but I can’t see her due to no insurance. I feel like we pay more for health insurance in the US then anything else… and due to the costs, people wait until there basically dying to see someone. Luckily I have decent insurance coming my way, but I can tell you for a fact, the basic health insurance they offer is 300$… and it doesn’t even cover MOST of my medications… let alone ANY kind of visits except my annuals.
Needless to say… I’m really excited to have health insurance again.

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