Smile In Your Sleep

The last few nights have been a bit hard. Emily has been extremely restless, getting up multiple times, etc.
Last night was the first night in 3 nights she was able to sleep, so I’m a bit relieved. We’re going to my mothers for Christmas eve, luckily it shouldn’t be to bad. Her and I had a weird heart to heart yesterday, mostly about her living conditions with my brother, and how he treats her, but we also had a nice heart to heart about us, my illnesses and such.
We both cried, it was… interesting.
I’m very proud of her, I just hope she can indeed put her foot down on how my brother treats her… despite everything I’ve been through, she’s still our mother, I want her to have quality of life.

Anyways, this will be extremely short, but I at least wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays, and I hope there wonderful ^_^

From us to you.


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