About This Blog

Hello, you can just call me Tao ^_^
This is a record of my journey with my DID, PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. This is my challenges with my Service Animal, my home life, work life, friends, family and anything that seems to be a hurdle for us all.
I have 14 alters, fragmented memories and a very limited ability to retain things. So I apologize to anyone who has ever felt flustered by this… I promise I didn’t mean too on purpose. I also apologize in advanced, due to these factors and my rather horrid memory, I’m sure I will accidentally repeat things.

This is something I began in a way to express myself without prejudice, being called a liar all your life, you can’t help but be carious. I write this blog to help me chronicle my life, my journey, my challenges, and my triumphs. This is honestly my life written down.

Thank you, and I hope you all enjoy.

**Disclaimer: I own none of the pictures I use. I am currently using them until I feel brave enough to upload my own artwork**
***Disclaimer 2: I am slowly starting to add my own artwork… you can tell the difference haha***

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